Computer Science Student Athlete

Have you ever imagined being a Computer Science Student Athlete? Do you have the heart and passion to compete in such a competitive yet fun and exciting sport? How about competing against other students who are also passionate about their Computer Science and Software Engineering degrees? Can you imagine being able to wear your heart on your sleeve and winning a National Soccer Conference title or Olympic Gold medal? Then by reading this article you may just become that person.

Computer Science and Software Engineering athletes are not an uncommon sight. Many athletes in their sports of choice will be pursuing either a degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering and will use their talents on the field for the remainder of their collegiate playing career or the length of their pro career. It is very common to see soccer, basketball and football players excel in their sport as a Computer Science and Software Engineer. Of course there are other examples of these types of athletes as well including track, ice hockey and football to name a few.

So, what exactly does an athlete do to receive all of the above? The first step would be to get accepted into a Computer Science or Software Engineering school. Each college has its own application process and criteria, but it is best to apply to at least four colleges. Next the athlete should apply to the programs they are considering. Many programs have specific requirements and enrollment requirements, so be sure to read over and be sure the software engineering program fits your needs. Many students attend one of the first few programs they are interested in and then find out later that they were not chosen.

Once the athlete has been accepted into the program of their choice, they will need to decide which courses they wish to take in the upcoming academic year. There will be a lot of homework to do before entering the classroom, but it can still be a great experience and help set the student up for success in college and beyond. It is always good to be on the ball with your courses and this helps set you apart from the rest. Also many computer and software engineering programs require internships or apprenticeships, which may also be requirements for acceptance.

Once accepted to a school, the next step is to decide which courses to take and how to pay for them. Some schools have very strict eligibility requirements, while this link others are more flexible. A student athlete may have to submit letters of intent or have to wait to have letters in before being able to apply for their chosen courses.

As an example, there are some software engineering and computer science classes that may require the student to write a thesis. Depending on the school there may be a certain amount of time they have to submit this or be part of a group that does. Engineering technology may also require a student to submit letters of intent and then wait for specific dates in order to apply for these classes. So it is best to check the requirements of the program the student is going to attend before sending in any application.

Some students have the opportunity to get involved with local groups that they are interested in. These types of groups can be very beneficial in the aspect of getting involved with something that the whole college is involved in. Engineering technology clubs can also be very beneficial, as many engineering technology clubs will hold fundraisers that can benefit the entire school. These fundraisers can be very successful if the right group is found.

Software engineering has become very popular in the last twenty years, and many schools are looking towards hiring student athletes who have the skills for the job. Being a software engineer can be very rewarding, although it does come with a lot of responsibility. Many students find that having a mentor is very helpful. They will be able to go into the team and know exactly what to do on a daily basis. Many software engineering positions do require that the student be enrolled full time, meaning they have to have a full ride scholarship.